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32610328 mWhat is Clinical Hypnotherapy? It’s a pain free way to resolve many problems and issues in life. Please look at the list below to see just some of the things I can help with.

But first WHAT IT IS NOT!

  • It’s NOT making you do something you do not want to do: your subconscious mind would not allow you to do anything outside of your normal behavior; the stage shows are just that; stage shows, not clinical therapies,
  • I CANNOT enter your mind and ‘fiddle’ with it; we agree beforehand everything I am going to say to you, there are no surprises involved. If I tried to instill in your mind something we had not agreed upon your subconscious mind would bring you out of hypnosis at once.
  • I do NOT put you to sleep; you are aware of everything I say to you, it is like being in a day dreamy state you can end at any time, just by opening your eyes.
  • It is NOT possible to get ‘stuck’ in hypnosis.

Some of the things Clinical Hypnotherapy can help with:

Agoraphobia, Anxiety, Bullying (relationship) Claustrophobia, Confidence, Changing Behavior patterns, Driving Test Nerves, Exam Nerves, Ego Building, Eating Problems, Emotional Problems i.e. jealousy, anger etc., Emetophobia, Fears i.e. Flying, Dogs, Insects etc. Healthy Eating, Healthy Exercise, IBS, Lifestyle Changes, Moving On after Relationship, Pain Control, Panic Attacks, Phobias i.e. needles, motorways, Relaxation, Self Esteem, Stress, Sleep Disorders, Smoking, Sports Improvement, Self-Doubt, Weight Control, Willpower

Please look through the relevant pages on this website or contact me to discuss your problem.