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9517028 mWhat is your reason for wanting to stop smoking?

  • Is it health?
  • Peer pressure from your partner or family?
  • Is it monetary?

Maybe it is a combination of things

One thing is certain; YOU must WANT to stop smoking. Hypnotherapy can’t help if you don't want to stop.

There are 2 types of smokers: a ‘habit smoker’ and a ‘compulsive smoker’ and each one needs a different type of therapy session

The type of smoker you are; is not dependent upon the amount of tobacco or cigarettes you smoke per day

A habit smoker does that; smokes when he/she has a cup coffee, when driving, socialising etc.

A compulsive smoker is addicted to the nicotine and relies heavily upon it for support.

During your consultation we will establish which type of smoker you are and decide together on the Hypnotherapy treatment suitable for you.

It is often possible to help a ‘habit’ smoker stop smoking in just one hour.

29318383 mA ‘compulsive’ smoker will take a little longer, as we need to reduce the amount of nicotine per day. I do not do ‘cold turkey’ for compulsive smokers, it will fail. To reduce too quickly will put a terrible strain on the body because of the nicotine dependency and you will probably start smoking again quite quickly. You CAN STOP smoking however with Clinical Hypnotherapy, by reducing at a rate we both decide is right for you.

Incidentally did you know that there is enough nicotine in 1 cigarette to potentially kill a horse?

Whatever type of smoker you are; you have made the first step to becoming what you want to be ‘A PERMANENT NON-SMOKER’ just by reading this web page.

Don't wait call me NOW  to find a possible answer to your problem.

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