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19088789 mIf you are contemplating using Clinical Hypnotherapy to lose weight you have probably tried many diets from ‘the grapefruit diet’ to one of the more well known weight reducing clubs. You may well have already succeeded in losing weight and have achieved your goal and felt fantastic and proud. So you should. It’s a wonderful achievement to reach your goal, the confidence it gives you in your everyday life is second to none. But what has happened since? Perhaps the weight started to creep back on slowly, without you really realising it. Now you have to start again. But starting again isn’t easy is it? There always seems to be something standing in our way of starting again.

So can Clinical Hypnotherapy make you lose weight?

29318383 mActually the answer is no. It cannot MAKE you lose weight. It is not a diet. What it can do is take away the ‘pain’ of losing weight. It can help desensitise you to your trigger foods, all those chocolates or crisps etc will suddenly be totally unpalatable to you, making weight control much less painful.

What is your goal? Do you have a special occasion or holiday you want to work towards? Do you dream of starting a new hobby that needs more energy than you have right now? Or do you want to go shopping and buy nice clothes that you really want and not just ones that ‘cover everything up’. Perhaps you are just fed up with low esteem and being tired.

I have developed a system to help you eat the right food in the right portions right for you. You have ongoing 1:1 support to encourage you (daily if you feel you need it) you will also have essential self confidence and self esteem therapy.

So once again, will Clinical Hypnotherapy MAKE you lose weight? The answer is no. Can it help you to achieve your dream of being the slim, confident person you know you can be, painlessly and with full 1:1 support? Yes it can.

Success doesn’t come without input from you though, I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I work with you to curb your desire to eat unsuitable amounts and types of foods.

Can I help you? Yes, I’m sure we can do it together.

Don't wait, call NOW  to book an appointment to find the answer to your problem.

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