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Clinical Hypnotherapy can be helpful in many situations i.e.:


It can seem impossible to move on, so many things hold you back, memories good and bad, the ‘If Only’ or ‘Why didn’t I’ thoughts. Everything seems to hold you back like invisible chains. Even moving on after a wonderful relationship is never easy. But move on we all must, life is not given to us to stand still and live in the past. Working within the gentleness of Clinical Hypnotherapy life can begin again, even more beautiful than you ever thought possible, and without the feelings of guilt that often accompanies ‘moving on’


Do you suffer panic attacks when faced with an exam paper? Maybe the thought of taking an exam is enough to keep you awake at nights, even stopping you functioning and doing simple daily jobs.

Are you having problems passing your driving test? Have you tried to pass your driving test many times and now just ‘quiver’ with fright at the very thought of it? Do you despair at ever being able to drive without having someone sitting beside you?

Stop worrying because NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) or confidence building with Clinical Hypnotherapy are highly successful in helping nervous/worried people just like you pass their exams or driving tests.


Where emotional problems are concerned; sometimes the simple act of learning to relax through Clinical Hypnotherapy is all that is needed.

But some things are more deeply rooted and we need to gently, safely, look deeper into the possible cause of your distress. Where it is necessary regress back in your life, through the ‘safety’ of Clinical Hypnotherapy, to understand why or what causes you to react to certain situations the way that you do and put them right, so letting you move forward.

 Often just understanding such things enables you to move forward confidently.    

The Power of Knowledge is Freedom from Entrapment.


Do you lie awake at night worrying that you can’t get to sleep? Or do you go to sleep and then wake up and just lie there thinking over the problems of the day or what might or might not happen the next day and the next? When we can’t sleep; all our problems seem to grow out of proportion, they not only seem insurmountable at night but during the day as well. We are unable to cope sometimes with the simplest of tasks; our tempers are ‘short fused’. We eventually get out of the natural habit of sleeping. Life can seem so difficult, you aren’t asking for much; you just want to go to sleep like other people.

Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) can actually help you get a relaxing good night’s sleep.


Do you feel you are under achieving at your sport? Are you getting frustrated because no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to quite achieve the success you know you are capable of?

Perhaps you know you ought to train more to achieve your dream success; but can’t quite get the enthusiasm for it. Using either NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) or Clinical Hypnotherapy I can help you achieve your potential.

Life goal achievement isn’t just for sports minded people, it can be for anything you would like to achieve in life but you feel you are under achieving at. Maybe you would like to progress at work, but whilst you would like to move up the ladder you can’t quite get the enthusiasm to study more. Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you feel enthusiastic about your potential advancement in life and your chosen skills.

14629679 mUNGROUNDED FEELINGS OF BEING UNWELL (these must be declared unfounded as per doctor analysis)

This is a very common condition presenting itself for Clinical Hypnotherapy. It’s foundation can lie in stress, not sleeping, emotional exhaustion, or even in a strange situation where the brain seems to get an idea or over hears a problem, even fleetingly, and the subconscious doesn’t let go of the thought. You’re stuck with it and it seems completely real to you, the poor sufferer. The subconscious brain needs to be shown it’s fears are unfounded. This is done quickly and effortlessly through Clinical Hypnotherapy, sometimes only one or two sessions are required to turn your life around and alleviate your ‘symptoms’.


Have you bitten your nails for years? Maybe you have only just started. What started it? Do you even know or care? What is for sure though you have probably looked at your hands and nails at some time in your life and cringed at their appearance, perhaps you have even sat on your hands so that no one saw the bitten remains and sore fingers. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman, we all like to look nice and no one can EVER say that bitten and torn nails look attractive.

Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) can help you achieve the hands you do not need to sit on.

Plus many other situations can be helped or alleviated through Clinical Hypnotherapy or NLP

I cannot brainwash you, you must want to make the improvements to your life, whatever they are. Clinical Hypnotherapy can help increase your strength of will power (or ‘won’t power’) to make those changes, smoothly, painlessly, all at your own pace. We work together, to establish what the problems are, if there are any, and find the solution.

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