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17850215 mPeople suffer from many phobias and fears; from being scared of spiders, bees, flying, public speaking and anything in between; often without knowing where the fear originates.

26477003 mSome of these fears can go as far back as very young childhood. Together though with Clinical Hypnotherapy we can banish those fears and phobias and let you lead a normal life.

I have had great success treating people with this type of problem, don’t suffer any more, just give me a call


Clinical Hypnotherapy can be of great help to those of you who suffer from agoraphobia or claustrophobia. In this case I would come to you. Whichever problem you may be suffering from; it can be very debilitating and distressing for you and your family as well. We would work together to try and find where and when the problem originates from (you weren’t born with it) and slowly move on from there, eventually reaching a stage where you can return to an unrestricted life.

What is needed in all these situations is a patient and understanding therapist, so call me NOW  to find a possible answer to your problem