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10301079 mIt’s true, I have shown people who they were and what their life was like before they became who they are today. Would you like to discover who you were? Before you became you? It’s possible with Past Life Regression.

This is a truly exciting experience, you never know where you will go, despite your feelings that you may have been a wild west hero in a former life, you could be a soldier during the French Revolution, or a blind beggar in the 18th century telling the kids off for trying to run off with his stick (this was an actual experience of one of our ‘Time Travel Experiences’; I told you it was exciting). When you answer my questions your voice can change as well.

I was a 17th century peasant woman sowing seeds broadcast in the fields, looking up at the blue skies and white clouds and moaning about the birds circling overhead waiting to come down and eat my seeds. I even described the clothes I was wearing.

Plus you get a cd recording of your ‘Time Travel Experience’ to listen to with friends or even research into. Some of my clients have made amazing discoveries when they researched ‘who they had been’

We have had some totally exciting outcomes. Because you may be a man or woman in this life doesn’t mean you’re the same in a previous life!!!!  If you repeat the ‘Time Travel’ you could go back to the scene you visited before, sometimes it’s a totally new experience, one thing is sure though, it’s never dull or uninteresting.

Feel free to bring along a friend to hear it all, they won’t be able to join in with your conversation, but you can share your ‘discoveries’ with them afterwards.

Try it, book and pay for 2 and get your third experience for free. !!