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All I can say about Jenny is that I gave her my trust and my will and she gave me back a healthier life.  I was longing to give up smoking.  I definitely was an addict and had tried endlessly to give up.  My sister had died of breast cancer and she smoked like a chimney.  What was I doing?  Why could I not have enough will power to stop.  Well I didn’t.  I met Jenny and had one - just one session,  and that was over five years ago.  I thank her from the bottom of my heart and would recommend her to anyone willing to trust and believe.

C. Ashley

Breathe in the glories of life and blow out the darkness of doubts.

I had been suffering with stress and panic attacks for some time, due to many factors. It even stopped me from going to sleep. I had taken tablets from the doctor but they just didn't seem to be working, I felt I needed to get at the root cause of the problem and not just treat the symptoms. I decided I'd give Hypnotherapy a go and found Jenny. She quickly dispersed  any worries I had about treatments and their effects on me. I'd seen acts on television and was worried she could do the same to me.
Jenny quickly put me at ease, explaining how we would work together. I feel a new person now, full of confidence and able to cope with any problems that come my way. She gave me copy cds of my treatments so I could always fall back on them if I needed to, but thanks to Jenny's skill and concern I never have had to.
I wouldn't hesitate to contact Jenny, if I had any sort of problem again.
My life has definitely changed for the better, thank you Jenny
A.  Haverhill

Knowledge is the power that takes you by the hand and shows you the way to escape from entrapment.

I have struggled with my weight for some time, and after trying a number of diets, with short lived success, I came to realise that I was an emotional eater and needed help with managing my eating behaviour. I happened to come across Jenny's flyer for hypnotherapy and was keen to try. I was unsure of what to expect, but went to my consultation with an open mind. I needn't have worried - as soon as I met Jenny, she put me right at ease! After going through some questions, Jenny kept me fully informed of what she would focus on during each treatment. I always came away feeling deeply relaxed, and always feeling positive. I continue to use the strategies that Jenny taught me to this day, and have much more confidence and self-esteem. I also have much more body confidence. Although my weight loss is slow, it is coming off and staying off, and I'm feeling much healthier. Thanks Jenny!

S. Newmarket

Clinical Hypnotherapy can gently lead you from a life of troubled darkness into life’s glorious sunshine.

Newmarket hypnotherapy clinic was a real help to me ! Jenny is friendly, helpful, explained everything and was very professional , all in a very relaxing surrounding.
I would highly recommend her and the clinic to anybody looking into hypnotherapy

L. Newmarket